Wellness journeys can follow many paths at various paces as long as they ultimately succeed in improving professional well-being culture and individual health of professionals.
Who is this service suitable for
Who is this service suitable for
Professional employers, organizations, associations and groups
All services we offer add value to the bottom line of professional institutions regardless of their size and structure. Any organization can benefit from accurately assessing the risks of its professional work, and implementing a program that helps reduce those risks and to improve the well-being of its members. AWA helps you improve your culture, morale, sustainability, and performance.
Individuals working in high-stress professions with high incidences of burnout, mental health issues and addiction
While improvement of mental health and well-being in the workplace is certainly a team effort, there are many things individuals can do to increase their own resilience in order to deal with the daily professional stressors. AWA can assess your personal situation and recommend simple exercises to improve your health.
Groups specifically designed for improving mental health and well-being
Just like running with a group helps individuals to stick to their exercise goals, and to find motivation to get out of the door, working on well-being within a group or a network of people can be just as beneficial. It also promotes professional and social networking and, ultimately, helps build a healthier and stronger community. AWA offers strategies for consistency, progress and commitment.
What we help you solve
Wellness is a combination of several factors, not the least of which is professional satisfaction, performance and growth. After all, as professionals, we spend a lot of waking hours at work. Learning about pitfalls of constantly functioning in a high-stress environment, knowing how to spot the warning signs of burnout and mental health decline, and using simple stigma-free tools to improve mental health and well-being can easily translate into a more successful and satisfying career.

AWA helps individuals to identify harmful work-related practices and to implement simple tools for stress-reduction and wellness improvement into their daily lives to ensure:
Stronger, healthier, more sustainable professional career
Improved satisfaction and performance
Better professional network
Healthier work-life balance
Faster progress in wellness efforts
An organization is only as successful as its people - its workforce is its greatest asset. Educated investment into this workforce can produce tremendous results which are well worth the effort. On the other hand, improper workplace management and declining well-being of employees can lead to devastating results.

AWA helps confidentially spotlight, assess, and address a wide range of issues directly connected to professional well-being, and, ultimately, to the company's bottom line:
Culture of well-being
Improved morale in the workplace
Organization's reputation and image
Turnover and ethical costs
Increased productivity, performance and satisfaction of individual employees
Improved client satisfaction
Wider networking and community engagement
Work process
Preliminary assessment of client's needs and initial consultation
Whether in-person or via a video/audio call, AWA will listen to your specific needs or ideas, do necessary research, ask questions, and analyze available tools to decide which ones would fit your needs best. All of these steps come with no cost, risk or commitment to you.
Steps forward: general plan, flexible outline, viable options
After careful research and analysis AWA will present a plan of action for your organization framed as a general outline with multiple variable options, and multiple ways of implementing them into practice. Your program is expertly designed based on your specific needs, resources, goals and budgets - whether it is a comprehensive policy overhaul, ongoing wellness management, or a one-time workshop on improving cognitive function with art and is presented as a step-by-step implementation plan. For individuals this means guidance, support and access to manageable resources.

Implementation guidance and support
Once your plan is approved, you will receive as much or as little help in implementing it into practice and making it a success as you want and need. AWA can put together themed speaker panels for your retreat, or suggest appropriate people within your organization to lead your efforts.

We can put you in touch with community resources, staff your workshops, and provide content for your internal publications. We can also help troubleshoot your audience's response and engagement. For individuals AWA offers guided support on their personal progress.
Measuring progress
All professionals want to see results. AWA helps measure results and progress for your particular situation. Whether it is improved focus, stronger sense of life meaning, or improved employee participation and performance - we help track and measure your journey towards your goals.

We will contact you within 24 hours to discuss your needs and the best ways to meet them.
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