Make Art. Feel Better.
Art Wellness programming for professionals developed from a series of interactive community art wellness events designed, developed and implemented by Art Wellness Advocates over the years. These projects included cultural art classes which started as an effort to ease national tensions and evolved into wellness workshops designed to strengthen the local community through arts and culture.

Similarly, in the time of high political tensions, Sasha launched an interactive "I Dissent" project, which allowed participants express their grief and frustration through indirect art-making, while, at the same time, benefit a local community legal aid organization. "I Dissent" participants received a portrait of Justice Ginsburg, for which they chose their favorite quote, in return for their donation to an organization supporting justice and advancing women's issues.
Another interactive art wellness project is an ongoing collaboration with Alina's Light, Inc. Alina's Dolls project is envisioned as a public event, installation and art project designed to create a public memorial for victims of domestic violence, to draw attention to the issue of domestic violence, and to provide a creative outlet for healing through art and community engagement for families and friends of the victims. The ultimate goal of this project is to create a beautiful and supportive space for the families and friends to come together, to make art and to heal together, as well as to celebrate the life of the victims of domestic violence.